Message from CEO / President

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A Personal Message from CEO, Spencer D McDonald

I would like to welcome you to our site and appreciate your interest in Mobility Transportation and the services we provide. It’s my hope that you will find our website helpful in answering any questions you may have on the services we provide. Mobility Transportation Services is a non-emergency medical transportation service. All of our vans are equipped to transport patients via wheelchair or stretcher. Safety is one of the most important procedures all our drivers are trained in. We use top of the line equipment such as Medline Wheelchairs and Stryker Stretchers. All of our vans have easy ramp or lift access into the vehicle and all wheelchair transports are required to use a four tie down lock system to secure it to the floor and every patient is required to have a seat belt harness around them. Our stretcher vans come with a special lock system secured to the floor with three seat belts around the patient. We do not transport patients that are in serious medical need of a trained paramedic and other emergency personnel. I’m excited to announce that we will soon be going into the non-emergency home care industry sometime in the summer of 2013. Please come back to our site in the future for information about this exciting addition to our company. Again I want to say thank you for your interest in Mobility Transportation Services. We look forward to serving you with your transportation needs.

Spencer D McDonald, CEO