Non-Emergency Medical Transportation Local and Long Distance

Established in 2010, MTS has over ten years of experience in servicing our community's non-emergency transport needs.

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    Servicing the Wasatch front and the following counties: Salt Lake, Tooele, Cache, Weber, Davis, Morgan, Utah, Summit and Wasatch.

    We have a LOT of Experience with local Non-Emergency Medical Transports.

    MTS provides trips to and from scheduled medical appointments, transfers between hospitals, transportation to a event, museum, or even family gatherings!

    All drivers are properly trained in handling wheelchair and stretcher transports. The safety of our clients come first!

    Units are operational 24 hours per day Monday through Saturday, including holidays.

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    Servicing Arizona, Colorado, California, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon, Utah, Washington, and Wyoming.

    We require at least a 200-mile minimum for all long-distance transports

    Mobility Transportation Services (MTS) provides premier long-distance medical transportation. We specialize in helping families transport loved ones across the Western United States. We cover state to state patient transports for non-emergency medical patients who are unable to walk or sit up for an extended period. Compared to the high cost of an air-ambulance, Mobility Transportation Services can transport your loved one long distances for the fraction of the cost in the comfort of our quality vans.

    Our fleet of vans are equipped to handle long distance travel. We replace our fleet every two years, so they seldom have any mechanical problems during transits. Each van has monthly maintenance checks by our company mechanic.

    We use top of the line Stryker Stretchers with a special memory foam mattress and seat cushions to provide comfort for our clients while in transit. All our vans are equipped with oxygen for our client’s needs.

    At times, our clients will require a professional nurse or EMT professional to be brought along to help provide medical assistance. Our medical staff is outstanding and can provide special assistance during transports as needed. We also allow one family member or pet to ride along with our staff.

    Who uses long distance Non-Emergency Medical Transportation? (NEMT)

    A typical client is a person who is medically stable without life supporting equipment but still requires medical support or assistance. These patients do not require medical intervention, medical treatments or urgent emergency run to a hospital or a special care facility. We must stress that we are not an ambulance transport service. Most of our typical patients include but are not limited to the following:

    • Patient is air lifted or taken by ambulance to specialty hospital or care facility to get specialized care or have surgery, then are discharged to return to their home or rehab facility.
    • Patient has oxygen needs, requires a catheter/incontinence care, needs tube feeding or help taking medications.
    • Patient has Alzheimer’s, dementia or cancer, chronic heart and lung conditions or has had a stroke.
    • Patient is on hospice and wants to be transported to a different state to be taken care of by family or friends.
    • Patient condition prevents flying commercially and needs more room for transport.
    • Patient that needs stretcher or wheelchair that have a hard time sitting up or walking for long distances.
    • Patient wanting to move from their home/senior living/retirement facility to another state to be closer to family.

    Our transport coordinator will take care of any special needs you require. When booking a transport, we will be happy to assist you in any way possible to make your trip with us more enjoyable.

    Experienced Driver Requirements

    • Our long-distance drivers have 5-10 years’ experience in the NEMT industry.
    • All drivers have had a government 15-year background check.
    • All drivers have excellent safe driving records.
    • They have had rigorous training in our vehicles and follow our strict safety guidelines.
    • All drivers are trained to assist with special needs of our clients.
    • Our drivers keep in close contact with our dispatcher throughout the trip.
    • We monitor the progress of each long-distance transport through GPS Technology and estimate speed and distance parameters.
    • Our drivers are instructed to give updates to family members via cell phone during transport if requested.
    • Our drivers will stop and purchase meals, snacks, and drinks for our clients throughout the transport.
    • You will see that all our drivers are very professional and helpful with our patients and all their needs.

    Our Nursing Staff

    Mobility Transportation contracts the help of professionally qualified licensed nurses and paramedics to assist on-board care for your family members where special medical care is needed during transport. Our medical staff is outstanding and provide loving, companionate care to our clients.

    Example of medical assistance our staff can provide:

    • Vital signs throughout the trip.
    • Oxygen changes or saturation monitoring with pulse oximeter.
    • Catheter/ foley Care.
    • Incontinence care.
    • Assistance using bathroom or bedside urinal.
    • Suctioning.
    • Medication administered by physician orders.
    • Wound dressing changes by physician orders.
    • Rotation of client during transport (prevention of pressure areas and sores).

We provide transportation services for:

Medical Appointments

Non-Emergency Medical Transportation for:

  • Doctor’s Appointments
  • Non-Emergency Hospital Visits
  • Hospital Discharge
  • Dialysis
  • Physical Therapy Rehabilitation
  • Stroke Rehabilitation
  • Pulmonary and Cardiac Rehabilitation

Non-Medical Occasions

General Transportation Services for:

  • Long Distance Trips
  • Airports
  • Train or Bus Stations
  • Sporting Events
  • Special and Family Events
  • Library or Museum
  • Class or Workshop

Transportation Vans

First Class Door-to-Door Service:

  • High Roof for Ease of Entry
  • Wheelchair Lift
  • 4 Point Wheel Chair Restraints
  • Stryker Stretcher Lock System
  • Low Step Full Entry Door
  • Air Conditioned and Heated
  • Quiet and Comfortable
  • Affordable and Reliable
  • Drivers are safe and friendly
  • Vans are clean and maintained

“I would like to extend our family's gratitude and thanks for the extremely caring way you managed our urgent request to move our mother from Salt Lake City hospital to her home in Helena MT. Your willingness to do the drive itself, if needed, went above and beyond our expectations and your compassion in working with us to make it happen was so personal and caring. Your driver, James, was outstanding. He was not only professional in transporting my Dad along w/ my Mom - but also caring and attentive.

I will be writing reviews on Google and Yelp, if there are any other review sites you would like me to also write, just let me know. I would recommend your company first and foremost for this type of transportation.”

Alison Clark

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