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Mobility Transportation Services is a Non-Emergency Medical Transportation Service.

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About us

Several years ago, CEO Spencer McDonald was visiting a doctor’s office. He witnessed the elderly being dropped off at the front entrance door of a four story medical building in wheelchairs and walkers by local transportation companies and family members. Spencer witnessed this several times and found himself helping these individuals into the elevator and to the right doctor office they had appointments with.

It was at this time he realized that there must be a better way to assist these people. He realized that the elderly, and those who have handicap disabilities, were not getting the special care they need and deserve.

Spencer was trained in the industry by Joel Davis, the owner and founder of the “United Medical Transportation Providers Group”. Through Joel’s extensive training, instruction and classes, Spencer was able to learn the Non-Emergency Medical Transportation business. Spencer is now a proud member of “UMTPG” and owes much of his success to Joel and his mentoring. Over the years they have become good friends as Joel continues to provide special instruction to help us improve our business and provide great customer service.

I care about the families we provide service to and promise to provide the highest quality, Non-Emergency Medical Transportation, service to every client.

Spencer McDonald, Mobility Transportation Services CEO
  • Mobility Transportation Services will escort our clients to and from the doctor’s waiting room, and other appointments they may have.
  • We work close with physician’s staff to be notified 10-15 minutes before client will be ready for pick up.
  • We want our clients to feel they are cared for and know that their needs come first.
  • We are committed to make our clients feel like they are getting quality treatment and want them to enjoy their time while they are with us.
  • Our vehicles are clean and comfortable so our clients feel at home and relaxed when they are in our care.
  • We provide bottles water for them as well as warm blankets, to make their drive more enjoyable.
  • We want families to have the confidence and assurance that when their family members are in our care they know that they will be well taken care of.
  • We want to take the stress off families and spouses by allowing us to handle the transportation needs of their loved ones, so they can have more time to handle other obligations.
Mission Statement

Our mission at Mobility Transportation Services is to provide the highest quality of non-emergency medical transportation to our clients with the highest standard of safety, client care, and customer service.

In today’s fast-paced health care industry, quality and customer care seem to be missing from many Non-Emergency Transportation companies.

We at Mobility Transportation Services strive to place quality and personal care back into non-emergency medical transportation.

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